In a city as deeply blue as Albany, New York, it was a foregone conclusion that Joe Biden would clean up on Election Day — just as Hillary Clinton did four years earlier.

And he did. Biden won all 128 of Albany’s election districts by wide margins. Donald Trump did not even break 10 percent of the vote share in a quarter of those districts. And he only broke 30 percent in two.

Still, I thought it would be worth looking at the returns spatially to see if there was anything interesting going on at the neighborhood level because it’s…

You, too, can be a hero with little know-how, a few basic tools and only a Prius V

Early in our family’s COVID-19 confinement, I made a rookie parenting mistake: I casually promised my five-year-old son that I would build him a treehouse.

This was a reckless promise for someone whose carpentry experience was limited to a few Cub Scout bird feeders of suspect quality. But it was March, it was a weird time and “this summer” seemed like a long time away. I mean, what were the odds he would remember anyway?


Fast-forward to June, and my son had not — it turns out— forgotten.

My thin woodworking resume wasn’t even the biggest obstacle. A closer…

Our kids have lost enough already

Fellow Albany parents,

I’m writing this in the hope that you will support this year’s Albany school budget. Your vote will absolutely matter, and it will determine the resources available to our kids next year.

I’ll be the first to say this budget is sad and painful in many ways, first and foremost that many good people who our children love and rely on will lose their jobs. But voting against it won’t change that. It won’t send a message. …

I don’t want my own chickens, but if Albany can’t legalize them without bedlam ensuing, what hope do we have?

A funny thing happens every time someone proposes legalizing chickens around here: people tend to lose their damn minds.

It happened eight years ago when an ordinance to legalize chicken-keeping in the city was vetoed, and with a new proposal on the table it feels like it might be happening again.

The prospect of a handful of hens strutting and pecking around a neighbor’s yard elicits a level of frenzy in Albany typically reserved for bike lanes, linear parks and gondolas.

It seems like an awful lot of work to me, keeping chickens. To be honest, my hands are full…

The view of from South Nyack, c. 2000.

It feels a little silly to get weepy over a bridge — especially one as widely reviled as the Tappan Zee.

Its spartan wartime design is utilitarian, lacking the iconic profiles or cultural relevance of the Brooklyn Bridge or Golden Gate. Like so much of America’s aging infrastructure, it’s constantly in need of repair and clogged with more traffic than it was built to handle. …

Somewhere between a quarter and third of Albany households can’t access the internet from home.

That’s as many as 12,000 homes where people can’t look for jobs or research doctors online, take online college courses or hunt for the best price on something they have to buy.

Given how heavily we rely on the internet to do basically everything in 2016 — including homework — that’s huge.

According to census data released this fall, roughly 29 percent of homes in the city lack internet subscriptions — give or take 3.5 percent. …

Friday will be my last day at the Times Union.

Those are strange words to type, but rule No. 1 of reporting is “don’t bury the lede.” Or maybe it’s “always have a pen.” Whatever. I digress.

I always tried to play it straight down the middle.

Leaving the job I’ve loved for the last 12-plus years was among the hardest decisions I’ve ever made. But I’ve been offered a great opportunity at the University at Albany that was too interesting to pass up. It’s a job that will keep me in the city and in contact with many of you.

But that’s all for later. The point here is…

Jordan Carleo-Evangelist

Former newspaper guy now in public higher ed. — Albany, NY.

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